FeedBurner- In A Peek

The success of any site or blog depends on how popular it is among the readers. If the content you’ve provided is informative and good enough, it could be shared in other social networking sites or you could even win a link (as it was used by someone for reference). All these can contribute to achieving a rich fan base/ readership. Thus, enabling you to establish your presence in the digital world and making things easier for you in web marketing. Web marketing essentially refers to advertising that is done online. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays an effective and important role in web marketing.

The readers that you have won should get a regular update on the latest FeedBurnercontents that you are publishing from time to time. FeedBurner comes to the rescue. Launched in 2004 as a web feed management provider FeedBurner was acquired by Google Inc., on June 3, 2007.

FeedBurner Email Subscription Service

The FeedBurner email subscription service provides the subscribed readers with the latest updates done to the site or blog by sending them an email. This would enable regular re-visits from your readers.

Adding FeedBurner Email Subscription Form to Your BlogFeedBurner email subscription form

  • Once you have added your blog to FeedBurner, select Activate from the Email Subscriptions option. Copy the provided HTML code.
  • Go to the layout of your Blog’s design.
  • Select ‘Add a gadget’.
  • Choose ‘HTML/Java script’ option and then paste the HTML code copied earlier in the content portion and then save the changes.
  • Now view the blog to find the FeedBurner email subscription form in your post.

The readers can now subscribe by providing their email address. The subscribed readers will receive emails whenever a new post is added to your blog.

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Write It Out

Write It Out

In all my write-ups, I try to give my readers a message taking incidents from my own life and from what I see around me. A closer look into my life will surely make you tell, “This girl ain’t got any of these lessons”. Yes, it is easy for everyone to write about life, how to make it worth living, correcting mistakes, forgiving, and so on. But, when it comes to living them, words remain as just words.

This article is not to advice any of you, my beloved readers (who are all well taught by their own experiences) about how to live your life or so. But to try and motivate each of you to take a pen and start scribbling down your ideas and thoughts.

Showing your rage on someone may shatter him or her. But, if you write it down, let out your feelings onto a paper not only that you will find peace but, overtime you might just end up with a book full of valuable lessons and good jokes. Many of the days which we quoted to be the ‘Darkest times’ of our life may just be good enough for a good laugh and many of our ‘Glorious times’ would just bring a feeling of longing in ourselves.

So, my dear friends everyone can play well with words. When it comes to putting out one’s feelings, no one can portray them much better than he himself. That makes each of us a writer. To a writer, the paper is his battlefield, the pen his mighty weapon and the readers his opponents.

If the words coming out through his pen flowing onto the paper like arrows frwritingom a warrior’s bow aiming at his opponents (readers) can pierce through someone’s heart and make him think about them for at least a moment, he has won his battle. So my friends write down your thoughts. Someone somewhere might find them useful sometime. Or, perhaps that someone could be you yourself. Happy writing.

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